Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical professionals must adhere to the expected standard of care in any particular specialty, but many fail to do so. Their negligence can cause severe physical, emotional, and financial suffering. We help victims of medical negligence find closure and secure the damages they deserve.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Negligence can take many forms in the health care industry. Although medical malpractice is typically thought of as something that occurs during surgery, it is also quite common during regular checkups with physicians. If health care professionals prescribe the wrong medication, or fail to make necessary diagnoses, the impact can be devastating. Malpractice commonly occurs in the lead up to and during delivery; common types of obstetrical malpractice include incorrect use of forceps, magnesium sulfate overdose, and improper monitoring of the mother’s condition.

Sometimes, negligence involves a basic lack of acceptable hygiene. Unsanitary conditions can lead to hospital-acquired infections (HAI), such as pneumonia, gastroenteritis, or urinary tract infection. Medical professionals may fail to sterilize equipment, replace dirty dressings often enough, or even wash their hands.

How a Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Firm Can Help

If you believe that negligence caused your current suffering or worsened an existing condition, it is imperative that you seek support from a trusted medical malpractice firm. With proper legal assistance, you could potentially secure significant remuneration, including both compensatory and punitive damages. This compensation may cover hospital bills and rehabilitative care, loss of wages, and emotional suffering. Malpractice damages help to resolve the financial issues brought about by health care negligence, while also holding responsible parties accountable.

During the malpractice process, it is your attorney’s job to prove that negligence occurred and that it was directly responsible for your suffering. Evidence may include medical records and witness testimony. The process of compiling and presenting evidence can be stressful, but your attorney will assist you every step of the way.

Do not let health care professionals get away with negligence. By delivering justice, you can help to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future to others.

Whether you were injured during a surgery, or due to a delayed diagnosis, you deserve effective representation from a medical malpractice lawyer in Massachusetts. Contact us to learn more about your options and to schedule a consultation.