Practice Areas

Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical professionals must adhere to the expected standard of care in any particular specialty, but many fail to do so. Their negligence can cause severe physical, emotional, and financial suffering. We help victims of medical negligence find closure and secure the damages they deserve.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured by someone else's negligence? Consider working with us, so that may design, implement, and oversee your personal injury claim. You owe it to yourself to hold that person accountable, and to obtain the damages necessary to cover your ongoing medical bills. A firm well-versed in personal injury in Massachusetts can help you deliver justice. We serve Suffolk, Norfolk and surrounding communities.

Massachusetts Wrongful Death Lawyer

An accident or other form of negligence that results in a death could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. This form of lawsuit is designed to help a victim’s family gain closure and compensation for their losses. While compensation will in no way help mitigate grief, or ease the sense of loss experienced by the victim’s family, it can help them recover financially and have a secure future.